Community Rules and Terms of Service Update: February 20, 2023

At Liko, we promote progress by helping people express their thoughts, vividly live every moment, learn more about the world around them and have fun with family and friends. We have created these Community Rules to ensure the widest possible range of self-expression and at the same time guarantee snapchatters safe everyday use of our services.

We strive to make this Guide clear and understandable to all members of our community.These Rules apply to all content in (including all forms of communication: text messages, images, links and attachments, emojis and creative tools) and on all snapchatters.

Advertisers and media partners who post content in the "Interesting" section also agree to comply with additional rules, including the requirement that the content they publish must be properly verified and accurate.

In some cases, we do not take action with regard to content of news interest, based on facts and related to political, social or other relevant issues for our community.

We have outlined here the special rules for content prohibited in . Nevertheless, it is difficult to foresee all possible situations. The main thing is the spirit of our rules. We want all users to we experienced positive emotions and felt safe.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to decide which content violates this spirit and is prohibited from publication on the platform.

Sexual content

Accounts advertising or distributing pornography are prohibited.

We report all cases of child sexual exploitation to the authorities. Never post, save, or send sexual content involving persons under the age of 18, even if it concerns you.

Never ask minors to send sexual content. In certain situations, breast-feeding demonstrations and other nude images are allowed without sexual overtones.Insults and bullying.

Bullying and insults of any kind are prohibited. If someone has blocked you, do not try to contact this person from another account. It is forbidden to share personal information in the Face of other users made in the bathroom, bedroom, locker room or medical facility, without their consent.

If you are asked to remove them from your Liko, follow this request! Respect the privacy rights of others.

Threats, violence and harm

It is forbidden to encourage violence or dangerous behavior — never intimidate or threaten to harm a person, a group of people or someone's property.It is forbidden to publish Images of gratuitous violence, including violence against animals.It is unacceptable to encourage self-harm, including self-injury and the promotion of suicide and eating disorders.

Impersonation, misleading and false information

It is forbidden to impersonate anyone (or anything) that you are not, and try to mislead about who you are. In particular, it is forbidden to impersonate your friends, celebrities, brands and any other organizations.

It is prohibited to disseminate false information that causes harm or carries malicious intent, including denying tragic events, making unsubstantiated medical claims, undermining trust in civil proceedings and manipulating content for the purpose of deception or misleading.

Spam and fraud are prohibited, including the publication of content in order to simulate and Liko Inc.

Illegal content

It is forbidden to use for any illegal activity — including promoting criminal activity, facilitating or participating in cybercrimes, buying, selling or encouraging the sale of illegal and controlled drugs, smuggling, weapons, counterfeit goods and documents.Advertising of controlled goods and industries, including illegal gambling, tobacco and alcohol, is prohibited.

Terrorism, hate groups and hostile statements

Terrorist, extremist and hate groups are prohibited from using our platform. We do not allow the posting of content that promotes violent extremism or justifies terrorism.Hostile statements, humiliating and offensive content, as well as materials encouraging discrimination or violence based on race, skin color, caste, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status, immigration status, socio-economic status, age, weight or pregnancy are prohibited.

Remember that you can always send a complaint to our trust and security team using our email We will review these complaints and determine whether there has been a violation of these Rules.

About the general principles of security in you can find out in the section by the link In this section you will find detailed instructions for working with , including how to change privacy settings, choose who can view your content, and block other users.If you violate these Community Rules, we may remove offensive content, deactivate your account or restrict access to it, and/or report it to law enforcement agencies.

We cooperate with international law enforcement agencies when detecting activities that pose a threat to people's lives. If your account is deactivated for violating our Terms of Service or this Manual, you will no longer be able to use .Liko reserves the right to remove users who, as we believe, pose a real threat to others as in , and outside . These include the leaders of hate groups and terrorist organizations, as well as those who incite violence, or who, in our opinion, pose a threat to people's lives.

We ask you to take these Rules seriously and observe them in accordance with their intended purpose.


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